Apple of My Eye

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By: Alex Weiss, CFP®

Technically, Fall is here in accordance to the calendar, though you would never know with the balmy eighty degree days we’ve experienced over the past few weekends. Despite the warmer weather, we decided to forgo the beach and stick to the Autumn classics: apple picking and football! Therefore, this past weekend Ashley and I joined some of my family to

take Natalie out for her first apple picking adventure. Much to our surprise, this was the last weekend for picking at a few orchards! On Saturday, we found our way down to The Big Apple Farm in Wrentham, MA. They have a nice little farm stand with baked goods, caramel apples, sauces, and much more. Natalie decided a hay ride wasn’t for us, so we went right to picking, winding up with a ½ a bushel of apples to bake goodies with for the next month. We also made a note to return for future excursions in other seasons to pick blueberries, raspberries and even hops there!

Knowing how nice the Fall evenings have been, Ashley, Natalie and I went out to dinner al fresco style at The Bee Hive on the Friday night beforehand. All advice is not made equal: a wise friend told Ashely and I to order quickly and plentifully whenever dining with a newborn for the fear of not being able to eat at all (Natalie calls the shots). As a result, I ended up ordering ribs, deviled eggs and a beer… nevertheless they were delicious! The Bee Hive is one of our favorite spots in the South End, and they also have a great Jazz bunch on the weekends with live music!

While it may sound like life hasn’t changed much, it has actually changed a lot with Natalie joining the family. An afternoon cup of coffee is much harder to avoid and keeping up my workout routine has become very challenging. We do have fun watching Tom Brady and the Patriots – but prefer that they blow out the other team so we can take a good nap in the 3rd quarter. 

Until next time…