One Week in Bangkok

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By: Tom Schulte, CFP ®

As the rumblings from the 787 Dreamliner engines began and we prepared for imminent takeoff, the words of Jenn Kovalski were ringing in my head: “wouldn’t you rather be going to Hawaii instead?” I was petrified that she was right. Maybe a more predictable, less adventurous vacation, shielded from the extended family of my girlfriend was exactly what I wanted. However, as I reflect on those thoughts now, I appreciate how short-changed I would have been for giving up an unforgettable vacation and wedding for a beach in Maui.

To offer some color for the pictures to follow:

Reason for the Trip: Khrista’s cousin and fiancé had traveled all around the world for work and chose their favorite city for a destination wedding: Bangkok, Thailand.

Where: Bangkok, Thailand & Phuket, Thailand

When: December 28th – January 6th 2020

The Flights: Boston, MA > Incheon, South Korea > Bangkok, Thailand; roughly 30 hours of travel each way.


​​​​Sunset Patong Beach in Phuket.



















Mango Sticky Rice for dessert.


















Tom and Khrista at the wedding reception.
























Damnoen Saduak floating market.
























Tom's view from his AirBnB.