Vinyl is Back

US Wealth Napolitano |

By: John P. Napolitano, CFP®, CPA, PFS, MST

Every time I fire up my Sonos sound system, I marvel at the simplicity of the process and the wide range of music available through my Spotify premium membership. In effect, I feel like I have the world’s best record collection.

But at the same time, I recall the days of using my Disc-Washer to prep each record album before it got its turn on the turntable. I miss the sound quality, including all of the snaps, crackles and pops inherent with Vinyl record albums.

This past Christmas, Daughter Julia was in from Portland, OR and asked if she could ‘steal’ a few records from me as she is now into Turntables and Vinyl. Her set up is quite simple, unlike the systems that I used to construct. But the sound is fine! She stuffed a few albums into her suitcase, and back to Portland she went… but our conversation and time in front of my record collection sure brought back some memories.

I was a total record snob. I had many, and they were (and still are) in pristine condition. I even booted a college roommate because he had the audacity to have a party in our room while I was away and left fingerprints all over the albums they chose to play. His choice was to move out or accept my challenge to a duel.

With about 700 – 800 left in the collection, there were many times Joan asked why we were paying the movers to schlep these around over the past 32 years. I really didn’t have a good answer until my exchange with Julia.

Unfortunately, I gave away the most significant components. The amp that I paid $3,000 for 35 years ago would probably set me back $5K+ to buy used today. The turntable was abruptly packed away somewhere after a crawling baby trashed the cartridge for the third or fourth time. The speakers are still ready for action. Even though they won’t get to their full range with the wimpy little Sonos Amp.

Any audiophiles still out there? If you want to come to my house for the ridiculous task of wiring everything up, that would be great. At this stage, I feel that the setup is above my pay grade. It’s time to play some records!