Little Devices that Bring Piece of Mind

As you probably concluded from my August article about preventing a basement flood, I’ve become a little OCD about detecting the possibility of water intrusion into our home. Or at least my family thinks I am. Over the years I’ve been accumulating various types of water sensors throughout our building. For example in our basement mechanical room we have water sensors installed that link to our home alarm system. One is placed under the water heater (which experts will tell you, fail on average every 10 years or so) and another under our water main.

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The World's Largest Stage

The Super Bowl is the largest stage for any kind of venue anywhere. Playing in it must be surreal. Going to it, according to friends who have been, is like Las Vegas for Football. But my favorite part is knowing that wherever you go, the game will be shown and you can pick and choose your venue from the comfort of your couch to a big screen at the Bellagio Sports Book in Vegas.

Curious to know how The Nap Team spends their Super Bowl? Be curious no more as we each share one of our favorite aspects of this crazy day now in its 53rd year.


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Our Favorite Holiday Treats

The holidays always give us a reason to enjoy some delicious treats. Homemade cakes, cookies and chocolates are a mainstay in our office’s kitchen from Thanksgiving to New Years. While indulging in some amazing homemade chocolate chip cookies recently, we started sharing our favorite desserts and all of the memories that accompany them. It’s amazing how we never forget how much we love a holiday dessert, even if we only get to enjoy it once a year! To learn about our favorites…


By: John P Napolitano, CFP®, CPA, PFS, MST

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Moving On

By: Tom Fletcher, CFP®

I don’t know about you, but I had an awesome holiday season this year and we on Nap team sincerely hope that you did as well. Each year I try to figure out what the best days are for Christmas and New Year’s to fall upon to maximize enjoyment. For me it’s definitely not a weekend. I think this year’s layout of Tuesdays worked out pretty well because it broke up the weeks nicely, which gave the holidays an extended feeling; almost Europeanesque.

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